I started teaching yoga in New Zealand a few years ago. Since then I have taught both Vinyasa and Yin everywhere I go, often going places in order to teach. I love love love to teach philosophy in my classes and also offer Meditation and Nidra sessions too.

My teaching has taken through studios, workshops and charity events, to work places and retreats. I have also been managing and hosting retreats. 

Below you'll see my current timetable, information about workshops, and other yoga-related goodness. If you like what you see and need an instructor or manager for your retreats, or you have an event that you may think I would suit, anywhere in the world, please get in touch via the contacts and links page

Check out my yoga website for details of classes 

Bakasana (Crow pose)

This is one of my favourite postures. The first arm balance and an awesome way to start facing fears! One of the beautiful things, for me, about Crow is that it encourages you to listen and feel into your body, which is such a vital part of our yoga practice - asana and otherwise. 

After preparing the hands with wide fingers and a firm planting into the earth, I love to take my time in moving my body forward over my arms. Here, I can really listen to how the body feels as I reach and toy with the tipping point. A good pointer, is to ensure the lower arms vertical from the wrists. This shows us where our body is, and where that tipping point is. Soon, the weight will naturally start to ease from the feet. Try lifting one leg at a time until you feel comfortable to life both. Lifting the hips and being aware to not drop the head,is also key to a nice Crow. Also try and keep the heels high into the butt cheeks!  

From Crow it is fun to play with jumping back to low plank, or even using the core to lower the head into a Tripod Headstand, and maybe even back again into Crow. 

Yoga Nidra

Recorded by Me 

Click on the picture to go to the recording

 Here is a recording of a Yoga Nidra. I recently discovered that J.M Barrie was big into Nidra when he wrote Peter Pan and apparently that has a lot to do with the creation of Neverland. I don't know if it's true but i like the idea that it was. 

I hope you enjoy and have some peaceful visions and moments