For as long as I can remember I have loved to draw and paint. I have been embracing art after a long absence and understanding the relationship between creativity and the Self. Below you'll see doodles of mine, wall paintings, drawings, and paintings.  

Two Faced

Self portrait. Pen on paper. 2017

I had the urge to sketch, so I did; roughly and quickly, I took about 5 minutes to draw one side of my face but I wanted to see what the other side looked like too. In yoga, we often talk about the two side of the body being different to each other for a number of reasons. The face too it seems!

Where is my mind?

Pastels on paper - sometime around 2000

This was painted in school around the year 2000/2001. I find it interesting because, looking back, there were no specific inspiration (although clearly some from 'The Scream') or obvious spiritual awareness. I had, however, recently experienced an event that had altered the direction of my life.

Waiting for the Sun 1 of 4

Acrylic on Canvas - 2018

When travelling in India in 2017/2018 and whilst at Amma's Ashram in Kerala, I had the flash images of 4 different paintings in come into my mind. I decided then that I needed to see them in real life. When I left India I returned briefly to Ibiza where I started putting the images from my mind on to canvas. This was number One.

Waiting for the sun 2 of 4

Acrylics on canvas 2018

Image two of the India-inspired art work. 

Each picture had writing that preceded the initial drawing

Waiting for the Sun 3 of 4

oils on paper

Painting number three of the four imagined images

Sun and Fire Mandala

Paint on wall, India, 2017

I designed the Mandala, based on the sun and fire, in a book.Then sketch it on to the wall. 

I had never painted a mandala on a wall was fun! And all drawn free-hand (I'm standing on chair here)

The finished piece.